A word about our levels…


Unlike grade levels in school, students do not necessarily move to the next level each year.  We have a great deal of curriculum to cover in each level and we want to make sure that the student is comfortable, strong, confident and technically correct before moving up.  Some students may take a level for a few years, others may move through a level in less time.  The determination is made on an individual basis by the instructor.  Each student progresses at his or her own pace.  Students advance to more challenging levels as they safely master the requisite skills and techniques, not specific combinations.  Please be patient and encouraging with your child.  Dance is an art form and cannot be rushed.

Your Level Guide!

Mini Artists- This class hones in on developing major motor skills, refines coordination, explores movement through imagination and creative play, and develops rhythm through a song and dance format.   Add a little tumbling to that and it is a well rounded class for that young growing artists!

Youth Level- Dancers with a few years of experience and ready to level up their technique skills and grow in their artistic form.  Average age is 6-9.

Junior/Tween- Dancers with several years dance experience.  Intermediate dancers.  Average age 10-13.

Teen Beginner/Intermediate- Older dancers who are honing in on their technical foundation and are strong to move at a more advanced pace. Average age 11+

High Int.-Adv. Advanced Level.  These dancers are able to catch on to advanced choreography quickly and know proper body placement and technique. Average Ages 11+

Level Pointe- By approval only.  Dancers must be invited to participate in a Pointe class.  Safety first!

Open Level- These classes tend to have a blend of levels.  These classes are taught to the more advanced level dancer; but also have options for most. To keep everyone challenged.

Specialty Classes-  These will change as often as we can.  Most likely every other week classes and will be drop in classes. Classes can include- acting, voice,  choreography and or master classes.